DJ Babu, is a pioneering figure in the world of DJing and hip-hop culture.
He rose to prominence as a member of the esteemed Beat Junkies crew in the late 1990s, showcasing his exceptional turntablism skills and innovative approach to DJing. Babu's talent quickly garnered attention, leading him to clinch multiple titles in prestigious competitions, including the Vestax World Championships and International Turntablist Federation competitions.
DJ Babu made waves in the DJing community with his groundbreaking "Blind Alley" routine, a seminal moment that redefined the art of beat juggling. This performance catapulted him into the spotlight and solidified his reputation as a pioneer in the field. Operating under the alias "The Turntablist," DJ Babu produced the influential battle record "Super Duck Breaks" in 1996, which became a cornerstone in the turntablism genre.
Beyond his solo endeavors, DJ Babu is a part of the iconic hip-hop group Dilated Peoples alongside Evidence and Rakaa. Together, they released numerous acclaimed albums and singles, establishing themselves as one of the most respected acts in the industry.
DJ Babu's influence extends far beyond his achievements in competitions and studio productions. His contributions to hip-hop culture, both as a performer and as a mentor, have left an indelible mark on the global DJing community. Today, DJ Babu continues to inspire and innovate, cementing his legacy as a true legend in the world of DJing as a professor at the esteemed Beat Junkie Institute of Sound in Los Angeles, Ca.