Soxxi was born in South Florida where her musical roots were first established.
As a little girl, she became utterly enchanted with the moody sounds of blues rock and 1920's jazz, which frequently flooded the halls of her childhood home. This melodic intrigue initiated her musical experimentation as she began composing lyrics to her very own blues song at just age 7. Her love affair with music was unrelenting, having found herself immersed in her hometown Ska/Punk scene at age 12 and began dabbling with the saxophone around the same time.
She went on to move to Los Angeles, where she worked as a P.A. Music Consultant for Sony Pictures, working on movies such as "Hancock" and "The Kingdom". Now, she resides in Las Vegas garnering a reputation as one of the most ambitious and impassioned women in her field. Having taken her skills to the global stage, booking performances in places such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Mexico, Soxxi has set her focus on continuing to bring her sought-after style to the hottest clubs and lounges on the Vegas Strip. She is currently holding down several weekly residencies where she's known to foster a truly unforgettable Las Vegas experience, bringing her sensational sound and unparalleled energy to the table every single time.