Stadium Swim
Learn how we built the soundtrack of stadium swim.
Circa Resort Las Vegas
Stadium Swim, Circa Resort’s aquatic sports metropolis, where guests can enjoy their favorite sporting event poolside on a giant 135-foot screen and party with live DJs year-round.
Our Roles
  • Music Curation
  • Talent Management
  • Operations Support
Challenges & Solutions
Circa Resort boasts the largest sportsbook in the world, which goes hand in hand with the viewing experience of Stadium Swim. Before, after and during sporting events, Stadium Swim needed to establish a strong music element to keep energy levels high throughout the day. There was an emphasis on curating a musical vibe that resonated with pool partygoers and sports enthusiasts. Seamless incorporation of music playback during major sporting events was a necessity for their entertainment strategy and fan engagement.
We work jointly with ownership to curate music and DJ programming weekly. DJs are scheduled from morning to night, 5 days a week - the amount of programming needed is massive. We established a rotation to keep both bookings and music fresh. The nexus of communication between management, ownership and talent is paramount to executing the musical vision of the client.
Music and sports have never gotten along so well.