When you think of Las Vegas, you think of gambling, endless buffets, and bright lights.
Nowadays however, you can’t walk into a casino without finding advertisements for “mega‐clubs” and “ultra‐lounges”. Las Vegas is a mecca for decadent nightclubs and illustrious nightlife, with super‐star DJs and celebrity talent brought in on a weekly basis. But take a closer look and you will find the handful of skillful local DJs who have propelled the scene to flourish. Christine Aquino, known as DJ KrisCut, is one of those DJs. Before the era of the mega‐nightclub, this turntablist was rocking the dance floor at different venues around the city.
Upon descending onto the Las Vegas nightlife scene in 2004, she became a resident DJ at three different nightclub venues within a span of two years. Holding her own in a male‐dominated industry with her smooth transitions and creative programming, she was one of the first female DJs to acquire a residency on the Las Vegas strip at Risqué Nightclub at the Paris Hotel and Casino (now currently known as Chateau), and maintained it for six years.
She also performed at many celebrity parties, spinning for the likes of superstars such as LL Cool J, Pitbull, Michael Jordan and Christina Milian. Her latest Vegas endeavors include a current residency with TAO Group. “DJing is truly an art‐form; It’s been a blessing to share my passion and love of music