DJ Green Lantern, also known as The Evil Genius, is an American DJ and hip hop musician.
Green Lantern was signed by Eminem in 2002 to become the “Shady Records Official Deejay”. He is a seasoned producer, flexing his chops on his own mixtapes several “Green Remixes,” including, most notably, a remix of the Nas and Tupac Shakur’s collaboration “Thugz Mansion.”
He also produced D-Block’s “2 Guns Up”, an acclaimed street single, which originated as a freestyle rap on his Hot 97 radio show, “In the Lab” (the most memorable of which has also appeared as a mixtape, “The Best of In the Lab”). “In the Lab” is formatted as a one-hour (with commercials) mix show, in which DJ Green Lantern blends acapella and instrumental tracks from various artists, as well as breaking new and underground music (such as the Ghostface Killah and El-Producto collaboration HideYaFace).
DJ Green Lantern also produced Ludacris’ “Number One Spot,” the second single off of his album The Red Light District, and Immortal Technique’s “Bin Laden” single, which blames the Reagan Doctrine (under which the U.S. aided the mujahideen in Afghanistan) and U.S. President George W. Bush for the September 11, 2001 attacks. He also accompanied Jay-Z on his worldwide tour Water for Life.