Neek Lopez was raised by a family full of accomplished musicians in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Neek’s uncle’s and grandfather had him singing scales by the age of 5. They would play records in the house all while Neek was growing up. They put him up on game. They’d say, “You hear him singing there? That’s Stevie Wonder.” Or, “You hear that bass solo? That’s Bootsy Collins.” And young Neek would sit there, soaking it up. His talented family and unique upbringing helped him craft a passion, understanding and working knowledge of musicians and the music industry.
Neek is a break dancer in Las Vegas and has competed all over the country. He started as a young teenager back in 2002, which is ultimately how he came into DJing. Circle of life.
He’s also the founder of Paradise Fever; a party and brand dedicated to the nightlife of the 70’s and 80’s in NYC. Neek’s been digging in the crates, and you can hear the influences in his DJ sets. A touch of Prince here, some Bob Marley there, a sprinkle of Sly Stone; all the while keeping the crowd moving and singing along to their favorite songs.