Chuck Frayre, better known as Chuck Fader, is a Las Vegas based nightclub DJ, who enhances parties with high energy and a fast paced sound.
Originally from San Diego, a city filled with hip-hop culture, Chuck is no stranger to the music world. His father, a musician, brought Chuck along to band practices where Chuck learned the drums and saxophone, as well as different styles of music including rock, jazz, and R&B. At the age of sixteen, Chuck got his first set of turntables and his interest in DJing grew rapidly.
Chuck attended the College of Southern Nevada where he studied music business and production. Chuck caters to all, not only as a DJ, but as a specialist in creating music, remixes, and mixtapes for all musical genres. Chuck is in the process of producing more downloadable mixtapes, and continues to play at local nightclubs and dayclubs in Las Vegas. With ten plus years of experience, Chuck Fader livens up the music scene with his raw talent and eclectic mix of party favorites.