Sound X Color
A starburst of art, music, & culture – an impactful event platform that unites diverse communities through a shared creative experience.
Eclectic selections that blend familiar sounds with exclusive edits and rare remixes. Always accessible and never pretentious. Helmed by Crykit, she is joined by influential and trendsetting DJs who sonically capture the attention of multiple generations of music lovers.
Our host/MC M.P. Art connects sound and color Together through his mastery of the mic and the dance floor. He crafts a welcoming environment by encouraging guests to interact with the art installations, the music and each other. He unites the crowd through synchronized dances and playful banter. A true master of ceremonies.
Extraordinary immersive art installations with imaginative live elements handcrafted by acclaimed visual artist Bboy Smurf. Make the night last forever by stepping into Smurf's custom hand painted photo booth with your friends. Watching him paint live brings the canvas to life at any party.