Eddie Mac (born Eddie McDonald) began his professional DJ career in New York City in 1997.
After several years as a part time DJ doing mostly college parties and mobile gigs throughout his home state of New Jersey. His first residency was at the legendary SoHo hotspot Jet Lounge where he was introduced to high end clubbing through nightlife hospitality guru Andrew Sasson. A successful weekly party at Jet lounge eventually led to his second residency for Sasson at the super-exclusive Jet East in South Hampton.
In 2002 Eddie moved to Las Vegas to open Light Nightclub at the Bellagio for the Light Group-a company formed by Andrew Sasson and fellow nightlife veteran Andy Masi. Eddie held residencies at many of Light Group's subsequent properties such as Jet, Haze, and The Bank. As the company grew he was given the opportunity to create and develop the position of Corporate Program Director where he was responsible for maintaining the DJ schedule for all venues as well as programming the soundtracks for their lounges (Caramel, Mist) and their blossoming restaurant enterprise (Fix, Stack, Yellowtail to name a few).
In 2012 Eddie was hired by Neil Moffitt to join his team at The Hakkasan Group (then Angel Management Group) to serve as the resident DJ and program director for his Atlantic City venues (HQ Nightclub, HQ Beach Club, and The Social). He moved back to Las Vegas in 2014 where he continues to DJ for Hakkasan Group as well as other companies and has focused his time outside of the DJ booth on his very own entertainment support agency.
It has been due to his deep and diverse taste and knowledge in many styles of music, an understanding of the various markets he has catered to over the years, and a consistently maintained level of professionalism that Eddie has been able to serve as a reliable fixture in such an extremely competitive industry on both a corporate level and as an entertainer.