Knowpa Slaps is a San Francisco-based DJ and producer, known for his creative musical style and vibrant live performances. He is the founder and resident DJ of "R&B and RIBS," one of San Francisco's best day parties.
Known for his unique approach to music, Knowpa Slaps is skilled in creating engaging and innovative edits and remixes that have been played by DJs around the world.
Knowpa Slaps was born in El Salvador and moved to the United States at the age of six. His experience as an immigrant has profoundly shaped his identity and influenced his ethos, infusing a sense of inclusivity and community in his musical endeavors. Starting his career in fast paced kitchens as a professionally trained chef, Knowpa delivers strong work ethic and attention to detail. This duality is showcased in his musical approach, which manages to be both accessible yet eclectic. His versatility has earned him a dedicated following and respect among his peers.
Looking ahead, Knowpa Slaps is focused on taking the distinctive energy of his sets and the "R&B and RIBS" experience to new cities across the U.S. and internationally, aiming to connect with a wider audience and share his unique musical vision.