MGM Resorts
See how we helped the hospitality giant find its sound.
MGM Events and Nightlife
The nightlife side of MGM resorts International, which spans nationwide and partners with the most sought-after hospitality brands in the world.
Our Roles
  • Talent Management
  • Operations Support
  • Site A/V Evaluation & Strategy
  • Venue Programming
Challenges & Solutions
After taking over the operations management of many of their venues in 2019, the newly created MGM Events & Nightlife team needed compelling entertainment programming to give their venues a new identity.
Each venue posed unique challenges that required specialized solutions. We worked very closely with the ownership and management team of each venue to create a music culture that fit their branding and values. We conceptualized entertainment for each venue and developed marketing initiatives through content creation and strategy.
Diverse venues with distinct soundtracks, strong branding and events support. All venues are set up with fully functional A/V and DJ equipment and receive weekly MAC Agency operational support to maintain entertainment integrity.